• Shuttle Services in Singapore


    Our shuttle services in Singapore can all be tailored to your requirements. For example, if you simply require our teammates to transfer any bunker samples, parcels, important documents for you – we can assist with this without requiring any manpower from you. Additionally, if you have a team that is carrying particularly heavy equipment, we can plan a suitable shuttle to carry this for you.


    No matter which shuttle services you choose from us, you will always have a well-rounded experience. We take pride in our ability to ensure each journey is as enjoyable as possible. Our knowledgeable team is happy to give your team information about the area (if they’re new to Singapore), assist with luggage, play any requested music or meet any additional requests your team may have. They’re trained to offer professional customer service as well as have an in-depth understanding of the area in which they operate. This means they can quickly adapt to any changes in route, ensuring your team gets where they need to be on time and without hassle.

    Ground Transportation Services

    If you’re looking for professional shuttle services in Singapore, we have you covered. At TransAsia Marine Services we provide our customers with daily transport services and ship crew shuttle service in Singapore, tailored to their needs and preferences. Our services are ideal for crews, groups of individuals, or work transport in which teams need to remain together to ensure a smooth journey. With several ground transportation services available around the clock, we can make sure that your crew or team gets to the destination they need to be at in a timely manner. Simply book a time slot with our team and we will be at the location of your choice when you need us. We will then transport your team to the location they need without hassle. To ensure a smooth transition, we actively keep updated on any delays or traffic build up. This allows us to plan ahead should there be any delays on the road.

    Combi Buses

    Our combi buses charter is designed around the needs of our customers. Each one of our combi busses is designed to be both spacious and comfortable, ensuring a smooth, enjoyable experience for each of our customers. Rather than cramping your team into a small, crowded bus, we make sure that each individual has enough leg room to sit back and enjoy their journey. Whether they want to take a nap, have a chat, or simply enjoy the view of the trip, our combi busses are the perfect option.

    Crew Transfer Service

    Our crew transfer service is one of our most popular daily transport services in Singapore. It is designed to help crews to get the port or location they need to be at, without needing to make multiple trips. Our vehicles are large enough to carry any luggage or any tools they may take with them, allowing us to transport everyone in a single trip. For larger crews, we are either able to provide larger vehicles or to schedule multiple vehicles to prevent any breaking up of the group or any delays that can otherwise occur.

    Contact Us

    If you would like to use our services for your regular crew transport requirements, schedule an ad-hoc pick up, or you have a question about your requirements, please feel free to contact us directly. We will get back to you as soon as possible with any information that you may need. We pride ourselves on providing “TrustAble Mobility At Any Moment”! We look forward to being at your service!