• Crew Transportation

    Effective Crew Transportation Tailored To Your Needs

    Getting your crew from A to B can often be a troublesome task. This is why TransAsia Marine Services are here to help. At TransAsia Marine Services, our mission is to provide outstanding ship crew shuttle service or transportation services to help your teams get from one location to another without hassle. With years of experience in the industry, we will tailor our services to meet the needs of your crew. This ensures we have adequate transport that is both comfortable and suitable for all requirements.


    Our crew transportation services in Singapore are available to crews of all sizes. With a transport fleet at your disposal, we are able to carry both your team and any equipment they may in a single trip. To ensure we get your teams to their location on time, our teams are equipped with both GPS trackers that keep us updated on traffic in the area, as well as a comprehensive layout of the area in question. This way, they can make any last-minute changes without the need to compromise on time.

    Smooth Transportation

    By using our services, you can make sure that your crew transportation process goes as smoothly as possible. We understand the troubles of getting your crew together. From individuals getting lost to vehicles showing up late, getting everyone together can often be a nightmare. When using our services however, you can enjoy fast and effective ship crew transportation no matter when or where you need us. Whether you need us to pick up a crew at the pier returning from a vessel at anchorage, or you need us to pick up individuals arriving at different terminals at the airport and get them to the pier, you can rely on us to provide professional and reliable services.

    Seamless Pick Ups

    If you require to arrange for meet up services for your crew arriving at Singapore’s Changi Airport – our team can do that seamlessly for you. If you require any visa services, these services can be arranged too. We also can arrange to pick up all crew at the arrival hall with placards to ensure crew always know where they are supposed to go.

    Our Team

    Our ground staff and drivers are extremely proficient and trustworthy in the crew transportation industry with a lot of experience. Not only are they very familiar with the most common routes – i.e. airport to hotels/ piers/ medical facilities/ offices (and the various permutations), but they are also well-versed with procedures of doing multiple pick-ups, drop-offs and various protocols required for various different crew and officers. Our team will take all safety and sanitation precautions to ensure your trip is safe. Our ground staff is also very courteous and will be able to assist with movement of luggage and equipment if required.


    Our Operations team coordinating all transport jobs are very experienced with crew change and crew transportation matters – even and especially during these COVID-19 times. They will plan timing and all transport jobs to ensure that all protocols are followed.

    Our Vehicles

    Our vehicles themselves are both extremely comfortable and durable. This allows your crew to sit back and enjoy their journey while being transported. At the same time, we also ensure there is adequate space for any luggage and/ or equipment your team may bring. This avoids you having to book multiple transport vehicles and allows your team to keep everything with them throughout the journey.

    Around The Clock Availability

    If you need our services at the last minute we are able to cater to your needs. Whether you need to book us for a 2am trip or you need us and haven’t made an appointment, our team is available to help. We will do our very best to fit you into your preferred timing, ensuring that we can meet your needs even at the very last minute. On top of this, you can also pre-book your time with us to ensure a timely departure and a smooth journey throughout. No matter what you need, we can help – we are here to provide “TrustAble Mobility At Any Moment”!

    If you need crew transportation services in Singapore for your team, contact us directly today and find out more about how we can help.